Best android exclusive apps

best android exclusive apps

21 Android - only apps that will make your iPhone friends jealous One of the best things about Android is that apps have a lot more freedom. The App Store is full of brilliant apps - and plenty aren't available on Android. Check out the best iPhone- only apps to make Android users. From news readers to photography, utilities to games, here are 15 of the best iOS exclusive apps in the App Store. best android exclusive apps


Top 10 Best Android Apps 2017 Open the bubbles to reveal a full browser. Never should your phone or tablet become slower and battery hungrier after lots of apps installed. If you don't like what you see, you can change it. You can even mirror your device's screen to your computer! You answer some consumer surveys from Google, and you earn credits for the Google Play store. Platinum casino i hotel is now a large number of Android-exclusive apps that will make any iPhone owner jealous. Someone try to guess your password and enter the wrong one?

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